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Sugar Never Tasted So Sour

, , , , , | Right | September 27, 2020

I’ve been out of the workforce for about a decade, due to illness and staying home with kids. I recently decided to try part-time work at a friend’s cafe. Since I just started, my boss has been in training and helping me. 

In walks a woman who seems a bit flustered.

Customer: “Do you have something like iced coffee?” 

Me: “Yes, we do!” 

Customer: “And can I get… caramel in it?” 

Me: “You sure can!” 

Customer: “Great. And cream and sugar.” 

We are a small cafe. We provide cream and sugar, but we never add it in. My boss steps in.

Boss: “We have cream and sugar down at the end here, and you can add it in yourself.”

She seems satisfied, so I tell her the total.

Customer: “And you mixed in the cream and sugar?” 

I can see my boss twitching, so I try to help.

Me: “No, we provide the cream and sugar for you to add. That way you’ll have it exactly as you like.”

Customer: “So you don’t mix any of it?”

Me: “Oh, yes, we will mix in the caramel, just not the cream and sugar.”

Customer: “So I have to do everything myself?! Does it come with sugar?”

Now this woman seems to be getting visibly distressed. I’m confused at what to do, but I keep trying.

Me: “We will mix together your coffee and the caramel. There is sugar in the caramel.” 

Customer: “Okay, but what about the sugar?!”

Me: “Would you like us to add sugar for you and mix it in?”

This is not our policy, but this lady is freaking out, and my boss is frustrated. It’s taking way longer than it should, and we are not understanding her request. 

Customer: “NO! I just want the cream and sugar!” 

Customer: “Right. So we will mix in the caramel, and you can add cream and sugar at the end.” 

Customer: “And what about the sugar?! What’s the point? I could’ve done this myself. I’m just so confused at this point. Just give me the coffee.” 

I’m still trying, because this woman mentioned she lives across the street, and that usually means repeat customers.

Me: “I’m trying to understand what you’d like. We can mix in sugar for you, and the caramel is already mixed in.”

Customer: “I have no idea what’s going on. I’ll just take it.”

We have no idea what’s going on, either.

She finishes adding whatever she adds, and I find coffee all over our counter.

Boss: “Yeah, it was probably that crazy lady who has never seen a coffee shop in her life. I don’t need her to come back.”

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