Sugar Cookie Mama

| Romantic | June 8, 2014

(My boyfriend and I are walking through a drugstore after making a purchase. I work two jobs, but my boyfriend was unemployed for nearly eight months, and even now has only managed to find part time work in his field. Because of this, I’ve been paying most of the bills.)

Me: “I don’t want to go to work tonight.”

Boyfriend: “Then don’t.”

Me: “But I have to. How can I be a good sugar mama if I don’t go to work?”

(At this exact moment we walked by a store employee, a middle-aged man.)

Me: *to Boyfriend* “I NEED TO BUY YOUR LOVE!”

(The employee overhears me and starts laughing hysterically, which then makes us laugh.)

Employee: “I don’t know about him, but for me all it takes is a few cookies!”

Me: “Really?! D***, that’s a much better deal!”

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