Suddenly Has No Stomach For Complaining

| Woodside, DE, USA | Learning | October 21, 2015

(I’ve recently had a mole removed for a biopsy, and have stitches in my stomach area. My doctor has written a note explaining that even though it’s only a couple stitches, they don’t want me to do ANYTHING that could risk popping a stitch. I go to hand the physical education coach the doctor’s note only to see him arguing with another student.)

Coach: “If you don’t have a doctor’s note, all we can do is try to avoid messing up your hand more. I can’t excuse you from class because of a sprained finger.” *looks at me, takes my note, then nods at me after reading it* “Okay, you just take it easy for the next few days. Let me know.”

Girl: “What!? She just gave you a paper. There’s nothing even wrong with her!”

Me: *lifts my shirt just enough to show the bandage* “I have stitches in my stomach, and a doctor’s note.”

(The girl’s eyes went wide, and she stopped complaining.)

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