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Sudden Case Of Stranger Danger

| Friendly | March 4, 2015

(I am visiting my home town for the holidays. I stop in the local coffee shop for a cup. The girl behind the counter greets me with a stuck out tongue and eye roll, which I assume is aimed at her coworker next to her. I place the order and wait for it to be ready.)

Girl: “So, hey, what’s up?”

Me: “Uh… nothing.”

Girl: “How were your holidays? Mine were kind of boring.”

Me: *confused* “They were okay, thanks?”

Girl: “So, any exciting plans for New Year’s? Wild parties? Friends? Boyfriend?”

Me: “No, just hanging out at home.”

Girl: “That’s cool. I thought I’d spend the day with my boyfriend.”

Me: *very confused* “That sounds nice.”

Girl: “I hope it will be. Oh, here’s your order. It was nice catching up. Have a great day!”

Me: “Uh, you too.”

(I was very unnerved by the girl’s uber-friendliness. It wasn’t until I was back in the car I realized she was one of my sister’s friends and had mistaken me for her! I am still wondering how, as my sister and I bear a strong family resemblance, but our styles differ drastically. I am rather plain, while my sister has multiple piercings and tattoos, wildly dyed hair, and is at least four inches shorter than I am. And she’s nine months pregnant! My sister and I had a good laugh over it, though. And this isn’t the first time this has happened to us…)

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