Such A Sweet Resolution

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2019

(I am at the register checking out items for a customer. There are two other people waiting in line including a mom with her daughter who is only about six. The little girl asks her mom if she can get a candy bar. After her mom says no, the little girl begins to turn back to put the candy back when she gets an idea and sneaks it into the man’s cart in front of them. As I am about to tell the man who is next in line what happened, he puts his items up on the belt and shakes his head at me to not say anything. The little girl quickly tries to grab the candy from one of his bags before he leaves when he grabs the candy and proceeds to eat it, laughing in the girl’s face as he exits the shop.)

Little Girl’s Mom: *turning towards me while putting items up* “That’ll teach her.”

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