Sub-Standard Substitutions

, , , | Working | December 25, 2017

(My partner and I don’t normally go to chain restaurants, but for Christmas we receive a gift card to a well-known Italian style restaurant. I’m struggling to find something I can eat with my dietary restrictions. I see something that looks good, but it’s being offered as a “pairing” with sirloin, which I can’t eat.)

Me: “Excuse me; I’m just curious if you possibly offer the lobster ravioli by itself, or with something besides sirloin. I can’t eat red meat.”

Server: “Um, I don’t think… we can’t offer it except in the pairing.”

Me: “Okay, could I substitute something else for the sirloin?”

Server: “Um, I guess… you could get shrimp added for an up-charge.”

Me: “And it would substitute the sirloin?”

Server: “No, you’d get sirloin, shrimp, and the lobster ravioli!”

Me: “I can’t eat sirloin, though. So, it’s not possible to substitute?”

Server: “I, um… I could add the shrimp and you could just not eat the sirloin.”

Me: “So I’d pay more, but have the kitchen waste the sirloin…?”

Server: “…I guess.”

Me: “No thanks, I’ll just get the shrimp scampi.”

(If you don’t do substitutions, just say so!)

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