Sub-Standard Sub-Service, Part 3

| Working | March 24, 2016

(I like to eat at a popular sandwich joint, where they make your food in front of you. Most employees are thrilled to receive my order, since I’ve noticed many customers holding up the line thinking what to get while they’re already ordering. This one wasn’t as smooth:)

Me: “Hi, could I get a half-sized honey-oat sub with grilled chicken, cheese, extra blue-cheese, grilled, please!”

Employee: “Okay… tuna right? With parmesan bread, no cheese?”

Me: “Umm, not exactly.” *repeating my order slowly so that the employee actually has time to make it at the same time*

Employee: “…and what would you like from the fresh fillings?” *the sub is still in the oven at this point*

Me: “I’ll take everything except for the hot peppers.”

(The employee takes sub from oven, adds only cucumber and proceeds to next section.)

Me: “Hey, could you add the rest? Just hold the hot peppers; I’ll have everything else.”

Employee: *annoyed* “You could’ve told me the first time, you know!”

Me: “Okay… sorry about that.”

Employee: “And which sauce and seasonings?”

Me: “BBQ and onion, but just a little of them both.”

Employee: *grabs mayonnaise*

Me: “Excuse me, I didn’t want that! Just the BBQ and onion, but less than you usually put on. And I’ll have all of the seasonings, please.”

(The employee put on only one out of four. I decided to leave it. At the checkout, he then forgot to charge extra for the add-ons, so I didn’t bother complaining.)

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