Sub-Standard Customers

| QLD, Australia | Right | August 1, 2017

(I have been working here for the last three years to pay for my science degree. I am the longest serving employee at the store, and the fastest server. The job pays reasonably well and all staff are expected to adhere to a high standard of appearance. The store I work in is located in a complex containing three other food outlets, just off a major national highway. It is not uncommon for families to come in and have members order from each of the different food outlets. A couple with three young children comes in around 5:30 pm. The mother comes to the counter while the father stays back with the kids. People usually do this when only one in the party is ordering.)

Me: “Hi there. What can I get for you today?”

Mother: “I’d like a foot-long white.”

Me: “Sure, what would you like on it?”

(We’ve had a busy afternoon and this is the last white foot-long I currently have cooked. Twenty more are in the oven.)

Mother: “Chicken and bacon.”

Me: “Would you like the sub toasted?”

Mother: *stares at me*

Me: “Sorry, would you like this sub toasted today?”

Mother: “Of course!”

Me: “And which cheese would you like?”

Mother: *huffily* “Whichever.”

(I put the sub into the toaster.)

Me: “Was it just that one sub today?”

Mother: *quite rudely* “YES.”

Me: “Okay, what salads would you like?”

Mother: “Yes.”

Me: “So all the salads?”

Mother: “NO. Just lettuce and tomato, jeez.”

Me: “Any sauce or salt & pepper on it today?”

Mother: “NO.”

(I take the sub out of the toaster, put on the salads and go to close it when she interrupts me.)

Mother: “I wanted ranch dressing!”

Me: “Sure.” *puts the sauce on the sub, go to close it again*

Mother: “And salt and pepper!”

(Puts on salt and pepper, closes sub, cuts it, wraps it and takes it to the till.)

Me: “That’ll be $10.95.”


(Fortunately there is no one else in the store so I go to the other end of the bench to make the next sub.)

Me: “Okay, sure. What bread did you want it on?”

Mother: “White.”

Me: “Sorry, but your other sub was my last white bread, the next plainest bread we have is wheat.”


Me: “Okay, your total is $10.95. Would you like a receipt?”

Mother: “Yes, you’re disgusting. I’m going to report you, you dumb b****!”

Me: “All right, have a nice evening.”

(They leave and I go out the back to my coworker who has heard the whole interaction.)

Me: “You’ll back me up when the complaint comes through?”

Coworker: “H***, yes. What a b****!”

(Later in the week, my boss sent an email to all staff regarding a complaint against our store which was registered at head office. I owned up straight away to being the server responsible. My boss forwarded me the official complaint and we had a good laugh over the customer’s poor spelling, grammar, and exaggerated retelling of the event. She even rated the cleanliness of the store 0 out of 10 because of “staff appearance”! I didn’t get in trouble; my boss actually gave me a gift card!)

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  • Ty Vulpine


  • Stephen

    Nothing to do with the story above, but it does remind me of a fun activity to do in Subways.

    “I have no idea what I want to eat, so I’ll have random. Could you please choose what I’ll have? I promise I won’t complain, and I’m certain I will like it. The only things I don’t like are tomato and cucumber in the salad. Other than that, I’m leaving everything up to you”.

    At the end of the meal, always make a point of going back and thanking them.

    I tell you what, I have had some very interesting (and tasty) subs, as sometimes I will get one of their own creations that isn’t on the menu. It might cost a bit more, but I promise you, it will be worth it!

    Edited to add: Best not to do it when they are busy though!

    • Benny

      You are very trusting! I’m trying to get my food-confidence level up so that I can do things like this.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      i am too evil, if i was making your sandwich i would purposefully try to find the strangest ingredients on hand.

      • Adrian Mckeehan

        That would be part of the fun though. At least for me I love trying strange things.

      • Ronald M Bisnett

        Or overload it with double/triple/quadruple meat/cheese for the extra charge, depending on what direction you want your evil to take. OTOH – if I was the customer on that, I’d probably think it was worth the price.

        • Katrin Schirmer

          as would i, being the meat and cheese lover i am.

          • Ronald M Bisnett

            50. 50 dollar. 50 dollar footlong!

          • Katrin Schirmer

            there better be a whole steak in that foot long if i’m paying that much. lol

          • OutbackJon

            Subway had some large, extra meat and cheese sandwich on a special deal some years ago. The “sandwich artists” at the store I was at misunderstood the instructions, and I wound up with about 5 pounds of cold cuts on a $10 sandwich.
            Turned it into lunch for a week.
            I did ask them as they were making it if they were sure they were doing it correctly. They weren’t, but there wasn’t anyone else there to ask. They were both still working there several months later, so I guess they didn’t get in too much trouble for it.

          • Vicki Brown

            “They were both still working there several months later,” (presumably on a large, extra meat, extra cheese sandwich…)

          • katherinemch

            Dam (evading the censor, sigh) that was witty. I chortled for almost five minutes!

        • Charles Ulric Phillips

          I once ordered a sub with double every meat and cheese. It cost 50$ and tasted like lard.

    • Lany Chabot-Laroche

      I tried that a few times for drinks with “no gin” as the only instruction. Every time they would go for the “safe” option and give me whatever is most popular, even if it had gin in it.
      Very disappointing.

      • Gretchen

        I once waited in a bar after a guy who wanted the bartender to make him a cocktail with beer. It was quite a long wait. But your idea is quite interesting, sad I’m too picky to do that. Maybe with shots, though (only that I have had shots with hot sauce and I’m afraid they’d do something like that lol)

        • Cocktail with beer, you mean a jaegerbomb or an Irish car bomb?

          • Gretchen

            Nope, though those could have been options. They ordered a beer and then told the bartender to mix it with something. I think it ended up being pineapple juice or something like that? Some kind of juice, anyway. Does not sound too delicious, but then again, I personally don’t drink beer alone either.

          • SylviasDaddy

            There’s always a shandy (beer and lemon-lime), or a Diesel (beer and Coca-Cola) …

          • Kryss LaBryn

            Beer floats are surprisingly tasty, especially with a nice stout; Guinness and French vanilla ice cream are surprisingly good together!

          • Lil Tiger

            If it was juice, it would have been a Shandy (or, in Germany, where they originated, they’re called a Radler). I prefer a Dark and Stormy, which is rum and ginger beer.

          • Disconnected

            Hangman’s Blood (beer and 3 different kinds of spirits) and Michelada (kinda like a tequila shot with hot sauce and beer instead of tequila) leap to mind. Black and Tan too which is a mix of two beers.

      • Disconnected

        I had a bartender that asked a couple of vague questions about what kind of taste I’m after and then she’d challenge me to guess what’s in the drink.

    • Kitty

      I would probably give you a veggie delite sandwich.

    • Jessica B

      Sadly, I’m far too much of a picky eater for this…

      But… I suppose I could do this, and then after paying for it, hand the bag to them and say, “Here, this is actually for you!” and run away.

    • Bobismeisbob

      I went to a Subway in Korea once and by default they put everything on unless you say otherwise. I found out I really like that (though it gets a bit full).

      • That’s how I usually do them myself, though I do ask they leave off the olives (can’t stand ’em) and spicy peppers (I’m okay with their bell peppers and banana peppers, but anything else they have is too spicy for me). It’s only tedious because even though I usually say “everything except the olives and spicy peppers,” I usually still have to go through item-by-item because they either skipped something like spinach (yes, I want that too please) or have to confirm, “Is this okay? Is this okay? How about this one?” even after I said everything except the three things I don’t want. Sigh.

    • armchairnixon

      I am way too picky to attempt that, but it sounds interesting!

    • WC

      I can’t even get them to give it to me the way it’s pictured on the sign. I have no doubt that this would fail miserably at any of the Subway shops I’ve been to. 🙁

  • Kitty

    Lady, how about you piss off and only enter once you learn how a subway sandwich order is actually placed?

    • jimfromtx

      And understand what “NO.” means before you shout it at someone.

      • And to actually listen to all the words coming out of the worker’s mouth.

    • Nightshade1972

      But all retail employees are psychic, I shouldn’t have to use my big-girl words to actually *tell* them what I want! The effrontery! The nerve!

      *Clutches pearls*

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    “I’d like a foot-long white.”

    In all seriousness horrible customer. Awesome boss

    • Ophelia

      There’s a local pizza chain around here called Big Mama & Papa’s Pizzeria that has its one-person pizza size as “Li’l Papa.” There are many kinds of special topping combinations you can have, and, unintentionally, they include “Hawaiian,” “White,” “Mexican,” and “Sicilian.”

      • Adrian Mckeehan

        I’m giggling like an idiot to this.

      • Beins Jared

        Are they the guys that also do the Largest Pizza Challenge?

        • Ophelia

          They’ve done it before, but they aren’t doing it now. Rather, they claim to have the world’s biggest deliverable pizza, the Big Papa, which if I recall correctly is a square with 54-inch sides (or about 1.4 meters). They have pretty distinctive delivery cars, which are bright yellow and have a big flat box on top of the roof to hold the Big Papa pizza in case anyone orders one.

    • Fyva Prold

      Do foot-long even come in white?

      • Difdi

        You’ve never heard of Andre the Giant?

        • OutbackJon

          Or Ron Jeremy?

    • Arilwyn

      What do you mean by phrasing? That’s generally how most people will order bread from subway.

      • Adrian Mckeehan

        It’s a joke from the t.v. series Archer. Basicly it’s their version “That’s what she said”

      • Janet Miles

        Huh. As usual, it turns out I’m doing it wrong. I usually say, “Could I have a foot-long cold cut combo on white, please?” But now that I think about it, that’s stupid of me, because it’s in the wrong order. I should be specifying the bread before the filling.
        Thank you for pointing this out. I will try to do better.
        (I am, honestly, being sincere and not snarky.)

        • Arilwyn

          If it wasn’t for the last line, I would think you were being sarcastic.

          Most people.. that I have seen anyway… order as “can I have a foot-long white” or a “foot-long italian” etcetcetc.

          You generally specify the bread before the filling because of the way subway is set up. First they grab the bread and cut it. Then the meat and cheese. Then they toast it. then the rest of the filling. then the sauce and salt/pepper.

          I generally mention the meat I want first though because chicken and bacon both have to be heated up. While that is heating up, They can cut the bread I want.

          But for other meats (Or no meat), it just makes more sense to do it as bread first, wait, meat, wait, veggies, wait, sauce, salt, done.

          Of course, unlike the crazy in the OP, you don’t whine about them being too slow because you realise subway is not McDonalds.

          • I usually open with phrasing in the vein of “I’d like a six-inch sweet onion teriyaki on wheat” or very similar. [size][sandwich type][bread type]. However I will then be patient as the sandwich artist confirms each part of that in the “correct” order. I’d try to order the “correct” way, but it just doesn’t sound right to my ears for some reason as an answer to “what can I get you?” (which is what they usually ask, at least at the ones I visit.) “Wheat bread, six inches, sweet onion teriyaki” seems too…awkward?

    • Lil Tiger

      You should look up the names of the meals and the signage at Skyline Chili. Their phrasing is quite amusing.

  • Rick Ulrich

    I love it how they always assume you are stupid.

    I used to run with it and have fun with people like that

  • tulip_poplar

    They absolutely deserved that gift card after keeping their cool and remaining polite in the face of that woman’s rudeness.

  • Max

    OK, so, your kids get one (1) fast food treat a month… and you take them to a SUBWAY?! What the ****. Take them to a proper fast food place with chips and burgers and stuff.

    • Ophelia

      Well, if it’s what they prefer, why stop them? That being said, is each kid getting a footlong?

      • Max

        I guess, but like this woman seems to be an example of a crazy “I demand to speak to your manager” demon so I’m not giving her the benefit of the doubt here.

    • Gretchen

      It could be that that’s what they chose, but I sort of agree. I wouldn’t say Subway is a regular fast food place. It is fast, but you can get a pretty healthy thing out of there, compared to like, McDonald’s.

    • Something tells me the customer in the story is PWT and the once a month fast food treat is because that’s how long it takes for her to save up to afford it, also why she was acting like such an ass, its the only time she can feel superior to someone

      • Max

        I dunno, the way she said it made me think more of the kind of parents who are like, obsessive about their children being fed organic healthy food to the point where other, more sensible parents want to strangle them and the Monthly Fast Food is their way of signalling that they are a Good Parent (read: tw*t.)

      • Difdi

        Yeah, but Subway is more expensive than other options.

  • Yet another story where the entire first paragraph is unnecessary? I mean good for you for working while also paying off your degree, but I don’t understand how it affected the story in any way.

    • Jackie Fauxe

      I think the OP included that information to refute the customer’s complaints:

      -“You are so slow and stupid” – “fastest server” “science degree”
      -complaint about staff appearance – it pays well and so requires a “high standard of appearance”

      Plus, the first paragraph also served to explain why the OP presumed the rest of the family wasn’t ordering.

      • Which all still seems pointless to me. We’re on NAR. We know customers say insane things and aren’t inclined to believe that OP was actually being slow or stupid. In fact, we saw in the story that the customer was the only one making things take longer.

        Also, who cares that the rest of the family wasn’t ordering? She was. She was the customer. She’s NAR. So much stuff I didn’t need to know.

        • Jackie Fauxe

          I agree that most of us would have known enough not to think the OP was stupid or slow, but I might have wondered why the OP would have ignored the rest of the family. I don’t think the physical appearance thing line was a bad clarification either. All in all, I think some trimming would have been fine, but I do get why the OP thought it was relevant.

          • To be fair, I don’t understand mentioning the father and kids in the first place if they weren’t going to come back into the story. When she started wailing about her kids not being willing to eat wheat, I didn’t find it crucial to the plot to know whether they were with her or at home.

            I mean if you’re going to add unnecessary extra details, why not add the whole shebang? What was their reaction to the woman’s ranting? Were they used to it? Were they rolling their eyes? “Oh no, mom’s lost it again.” Did the dad not speak up at any point?

            It just read like an interaction between a crazy lady and OP. It reads great to me without the fluff, but now I’m just being whiny. =P

          • Jackie Fauxe

            Nah, you’re not whiny–just maybe a bit grumpy about the unnecessary details. I bet if we hadn’t seen so much of them lately this story wouldn’t have bothered you much at all.

            I’ve been feeling that way about the poor copyediting we’ve seen lately. One of the other stories today included “who I should date” which made me glare at the screen for a bit. Normally, I don’t let that kind of thing bother me, but when you keep seeing the same thing over and over it starts to wear down your patience.

            I guess the thing to remember is that overall the stories are worth putting up with these little annoyances–although we can certainly hope that one day the eds will fix them.

          • Yeah I miss the days when a story like this was rare. I could just roll my eyes and move on to the next one. I mean, I reread my comments and I still agree with what I’ve said. This one’s just bugging me today.

          • katherinemch

            OK, it’s been a couple months since my last rant on this subject…
            This is not a writers’ workshop. The people who post may often be less than excellent authors.
            When people go on and on in the comments looking for all the ways the poster failed to craft a spellbinding tale, or used incorrect spelling and grammar, other people with amusing or shocking stories they might have shared read the whiny hateful bs and it intimidates them, imagining the negativity aimed at them should they post.
            People like you discourage other fans of this site from sharing their stories, so then we all have less stories to read. It ticks me off because I’d rather come here and see twenty stories that have flaws, than no stories. I want as many contributions as possible! And people aren’t gonna do that if they just get chit on for trying.

          • Eh, I figure if people can’t handle the comments, they shouldn’t read them. The whole point of a comment section is to share our opinions. Personally, I’d rather read fewer good stories than waste my time on twenty stories with major flaws (tediously long intros, pointless details, or ending with no conclusion). But to each their own!

            And to be fair, I blame incorrect spelling/grammar on the editors, not the people who submit.

            Also wanted to add that I remember years ago when I first started reading this site the editors seemed to actually, you know, EDIT the stories submitted. When unfiltered was added I quickly learned that I’d rather stick to the main site. But recently a lot of stories have been showing up that no one seems to have proofread and that’s on the admins/editors in my opinion.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    Nice title, eds.

    • jimfromtx

      There are many titles for posts, Ed-boy!

  • Roler42

    While it was great that your boss backed you up, I can’t help but feel bad for the kids… Their mother is so stuck up and neurotic she’s only letting them eat fast food once a month? WTF… And then she goes and ruins it herself by throwing a tantrum… smh…

    • jonoave

      I don’t believe the mom – likely it’s just hyperbole in her attempt to mock the OP and make him/her feel bad. Just like those stories where the customer tells the worker “thanks a lot for ruining my son’s birthday” etc when they don’t get their way.

      • Roler42

        True that, I still feel a bit concerned though, if that’s how the mother acts in public, I can only imagine how she acts at home

      • Jessica B

        Well, if Subway is considered a “treat”, it’s not hard to believe that they only eat out once a month.

        • Torbjörn Axelsson

          I personally like Subway. A decent small meal that is not overly expensive (half size) that will sustain me for a couple of hours, and with a nice selection of fresh vegetables and with the jalapeño even a small kick to it.

          • Jessica B

            I like Subway too, but it’s not the addictive fat and sugar place that most people would consider a “treat”. If sandwiches on white bread are considered a “treat” to this woman, imagine the health food she has at home! To me, Subway is the “healthy alternative”.

    • Bonzi77

      I don’t think thats neurotic. I don’t want my kid eating fast food. I wouldn’t ration it or make it a specific treat like that, but it’s not unreasonable to limit the fast food your kids eat.

      • Roler42

        I mean it’s true and fair enough, but to make it a monthly treat like she claims and then make a scene over it?

      • katherinemch

        I wonder if making something bad a treat you count down to like it’s Christmas or something, just makes it seem more special, teaching the kid to see junk food as a cherished special thrill.
        I don’t know what the perfect way to raise healthy-food-loving kids is. I just think that elevating something to “treat” makes it seem more desirable.

        • I am Jenn

          It had the opposite effect on me and my siblings.

          Because we had fast food SO seldom as children, when I got to college and realized I could actually have it whenever I wanted, it started some really unhealthy habits that I still struggle with.

        • Make sure you’re constantly offering tasty, healthy things at every other meal.

          My own kids only get fast food about once a month (sometimes twice, depending on what’s going on, like family visiting and treating us to lunch out). They still love all sorts of healthy foods, because my husband and I try to have a good variety at dinnertime.

          Part of having a good variety (at least in our house) is not only encouraging our kids to try lots of different things so they build up a decent list of what they like, but also letting each family member pick one dinner a week. I’ve got a menu board they all go up on, empty days tend to be leftovers days or a simple pasta and salad/fruit/veggie side day, and I use it to build my weekly shopping list. Everyone dinner has to have a fruit or veggie side, as well, and when the kids pick their dinners I find they’re more likely to eat what we give them, including the veg/fruit.

          I will certainly admit that relegating the fast food to “treat” status can make it seem more desirable and potentially lead to bad habits at adulthood like I am Jenn mentioned (I had a similar issue with money spending issues once I was on my own). Which I guess is why I need to make sure as my kids approach that point that I try to instill in them why we keep the fast food at “treat” status and don’t have it all the time, even when we want to. And then hope for the best.

          • katherinemch

            Very interesting! Sounds like you are doing a great job!

          • We certainly try. 🙂 Only time will tell how successful we were.

  • Sarah Rivas

    I worked at Subway and bread became a much bigger problem than I anticipated. Obviously we tried to have the more popular breads available all day, but sometimes we ran out later in the evening. If anyone doesn’t know this, we had two dough types, white and wheat. The other kind of breads (cheese, honey oat, stuff like that) are just the two kinds of dough but with stuff put on top. I had this conversation about ten times a day.

    Customer: can I have the cheese and herbs?
    Me:Sorry, we are out. We do have white, it’s the same bread, just without the cheese.
    Customer:No, it’s different. I don’t like that dough.
    Me:It’s literally the same dough.
    Customer:No, it’s not.

    • Larry Berry

      When I worked at Burger King, we would have some customers that would order a Whopper jr. plain, or with just Ketchup, mustard and pickle. I would always point out “so a hamburger plain” or “that’s a hamburger” and they would insist no the whopper jr, which would be the exact same thing only 30 cents more. They insisted they wanted the Whopper jr. meat, not the hamburger meat. It was the EXACT same meat from the exact same steamer bin, that had been put through the exact same cooker, from the exact same box of frozen patties. The only thing that designated it as a jr. instead of a hamburger was the toppings. But they insisted it tasted different, even though it was impossible.

      • Novelista

        That reminds me of all the stories that have been on here with customers who ask for plain burgers and get nothing but meat and bun, then get upset.

        (I had more to say, but the filters keep catching it for some reason.)

        • I think that’s the most frustrating thing about the filters. Sure, it makes sense when they catch certain swears and other “dirty” words. It even makes a stupid kind of sense when they catch things like the Latin phrase for “with honors” (I found that one out while telling someone about my husband’s grad school graduation). But then sometimes the filters stop your comment and you can’t find a single thing wrong with it, no matter how much you try to get your brain in the gutter first.

          • Novelista

            I used to have a lot more patience for filter rewording, but since I don’t play Neopets anymore, I think I used up my store. 😛

      • Stephen

        Ah, but what you don’t realise is that you were actually making the Whopper Placebo

    • AsaeAmpan

      Lucky you were there and not me, I’d start screaming at the customer about how I worked there, they didn’t and as such the customer had no right to make such a comment.

      • Arilwyn

        Well, they do have the right to make the comment… free speech and all… but it doesn’t stop the comment from being a load of stupidity.

  • Michelle

    Reminds me of an experince I had. Was working at a hot dog fast food
    restaurant in High School. Had a spaced out customer complain on me and
    the food. Boss had my back all was good. A couple weeks later same
    customer comes in “What are you still doing here? I complained about you
    and this store” I said “I know, what are you doing back here if you
    hated it so much?” She left and got a high-five from the boss.

    • This needs to be the response to EVERY customer who complains to corporate or claims they’re never returning, but then does. Beautiful. Perfect. High-five indeed!

      • Yohannes Setiadji

        Problem is, sometimes employee can’t remember which customers who claimed that they will “never come back again”. Even if they do, they can’t just do that to customer who probably haven’t done anything harmful to the employee on their subsequent visit to the store.

    • Bel-Shamharoth

      Yeah, I had a customer complain that he would never shop at our chain again because we might not be able to return something that was nearly two months past our return policy. That was even after I said it’s rather uncertain, and that I would get a manager. When I said I’d get someone to help us he topped it off with “you’d better, because I spend a lot of money here”. Fortunately we could give him store credit and he was okay with that, but come on, dude. If you shop as often as you claim, you’re not going to stop just because we couldn’t do a return that you neglected to take care of all those weeks ago. Plus his snarky attitude and the final “you’d better” really put him on my bad side in the space of about 10 seconds. I just pray that it didn’t show on my face how pissed I was.

    • Moonshadow Kati

      Why would your boss high-five her?

      • Allegra O

        Bad wording, I agree, but I thought the intended message was still clear.

        • Moonshadow Kati

          It was, i’m just messing around.

    • Darth Hideous

      I had one of those types go off on me because we didn’t stock a very specific, obscure turntable needle. Even though I could order exactly what he needed and have it shipped either to the store or to his doorstep in a perfectly reasonable amount of time I was still getting reported for not having it in stock (I, of course, had absolutely no control over what we had in stock). He got more furious when I refused to give him my full name, social security number, mother’s maiden name, or whatever nonsense he was demanding. I finally told him, “Look, I’m the only person with my name working at any of our stores in the city. If you tell corporate my name and which store you called they are going to know exactly who I am.” He hung up in a huff. My manager and I had a good laugh at his expense when I told the story, and nothing ever came from his complaint which was actually rather disappointing given how utterly ridiculous it was.

  • Scot MrSpellcheck Rogers

    Ok, so she orders a sub on white bread, and then because they don’t have more white bread, says her kids won’t eat? Feed them the sub you just ordered!! (order a wheat one for you and hubby) And by the way, one sub for three kids? Better be very small kids. And I guess the second sub was for the adults to split? Hope they all get more to eat than that at home.

    • Well, as far as the “one sub for three kids” thing goes, at Subway at least a kids’ sandwich is actually 1/3 the loaf rather than 1/2, judging from the many times I’ve bought kids’ meals there for my children. So one sub would indeed feed three kids (when you include the chips/cookies and the drinks).

  • ThatGirl

    The real reason dad and the kids are hanging back? Distance.

  • Observe

    The customer needs a swift kick in the rear and your boss rocks.

  • Jose Marte

    Id like to know the thought process of these type of people, do they wake up and go “Oh my god, I’m going to be a tumor today”?

    • Ophelia

      More likely, they have a specific idea about how things will go, and when things don’t work out as planned, they get frustrated and upset.

  • strangeangel24601

    “We go out for fast food once a month as a treat! You just lost a valuable customer!”
    Yeah, I’m real sure that your $20 a month is going to drive us out of business.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    I’m glad to see stories like this in which management (even if it’s only at store level) don’t automatically kiss the sucky customer’s a$$ all the time.

  • Arilwyn

    I find Italian herb and cheese is pretty good… And AFAIK it’s white, just with… herbs and cheese on top.

    Oh, the story? Yeah, you are so not Australian, you little . Learn to treat the OP with a bit of respect.

  • AsaeAmpan

    Lady deserves to be confined to her house for the rest of her life and have someone with an actual brain and a small ego go out and do stuff for her.

  • Ian Kertis

    Am I the only one thinking it’s a shame the kids won’t touch wheat bread? A lot of the time it’s healthier for you than processed white bread, though not sure with sandwich roles. But wheat…. rye… pumpernickel… sourdough… even when I was little, I’d rather almost any other kind of bread than plain white.

    • I am Jenn

      Plain white was a “treat” growing up, we only got it once in awhile, and it tasted bland….but even now, I prefer whole grain to white….unless it’s my homemade white, in which case, I prefer that. 🙂

      • This is basically what we do with our kids. My husband and I prefer wheat over white (other breads are more expensive, and I at least am not as fond of them, other than potato bread, but wheat goes with everything), so raising our kids we never bought white. They grew up only knowing wheat, plus whatever bread my husband would make on occasion (almost always a wheat or sourdough). White is a treat they ask for periodically, but I only buy maybe twice a year.

  • Allegra O

    Sounds like a great boss!

  • katherinemch

    Sounds like the only thing keeping OP from being fast as lightning was the fact that this a$$hole failed to pay attention and answer the questions properly. We see this a lot actually. I don’t get it. Someone asking if you want S & P or lettuce… what is hard about that? The average week-dead corpse could handle ordering a sub ffs. I normally would blame heavy substance abuse but in this case there were kids there so hopefully that wasn’t the case. Is it possible to be that stupid without substance abuse though?

  • Polly Esther Gausewitz

    “I’ve been working here for the last three years to pay for my science degree.”
    My immediate first thought: So, not a story set in the USA, then.

  • Antonio Tejada

    I would have kicked the customer out the second she started using insults. Take back the sub and void the transaction.

  • Vicki Brown

    They always claim the shop is losing a valuable customer.

    Little do they realize that they are not valuable and the shop employees only hope they’re losing this “customer”.

  • Jellybean

    I love that the OP tried to make himself appear smarter by adding the irrelevant information about his degree and then not actually list a real degree. Science is as broad as physics to microbiology to inorganic chemistry to geology. There is no broad sweeping degree of science.