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Sub-Standard Behavior, Part 4

, , , , | Right | July 18, 2022

It’s the middle of a nasty snowstorm. I’ve trudged through it for thirty minutes after a long workday and decide to pop into the sub shop across from my apartment building. There are two other patrons there, but they seem to be sheltering from the cold and grumbling about the weather.

Since they aren’t in line, I place my order. As I’m choosing my toppings, the older of the two men comes up to me and says.

Patron: “Hey, Mister Big-Shot! Can’t even buy me a f****** sub? A**hole! F****** Big-Shot with your f****** money! Well, I don’t want your money and you can shove that sub up your a**!”

The irony is that if he’d asked me nicely, I probably was in the right kind of mood to buy him a sub. Ah, well, this “big-shot” did indeed enjoy that sub. And no, it only went in my mouth.

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