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Sub-Par Sub Shop Service

, , , , | Working | November 23, 2021

A couple of my friends and I are grabbing food at a sub shop. There appears to be only one employee in sight.

Employee: “What do you want?”

Friend: “Can I have [order] with the Italian bread?”

Employee: “We’re out of Italian bread.”

Friend: “Well, can I have the herb one, then?”

Employee: “We’re out of that, too.”

Friend: “What bread do you have?”

Employee: “We have [bread #1] and [bread #2].”

The employee opens the bread bin behind him and shows us that there are exactly three loaves of bread left. This would be great because there are exactly three of us, but I’m a little nervous because I’m a picky eater and haven’t tried these before.

We grumble a little, but we order with the weird bread and move on. A second employee arrives to put our orders through the till. As we are paying, some more customers come in who we recognise.

Friend: “They’re out of bread.”

New Arrival: “Wait, what?”

Friend: “Yeah, we just got the last ones.”

Employee: “No, no, don’t worry about that.”

And then, the employee went out of sight behind the bread bin and returned with a full tray of the Italian bread. We were fuming but could not find the words to speak. When one of the new customers requested a different bread, he went and got it.

My friends and I had already paid for our food, which we technically did order, so we thought we had no leg to stand on and just left. Luckily, the replacement bread was edible, if not all that nice.

Unfortunately, I did not complain. I was young and raised under a rock and did not know that was a thing I could do. It’s a little late to go back now.

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