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(I’m the customer in this story, buying tickets to see an imported Spanish horror film. I work at a competitor’s theater that’s not showing this particular film.)

Me: “One for [Film].”

Employee: “That movie is in Spanish.”

Me: “Yes.”

Employee: “So it has subtitles.”

Me: *still a little confused where this is going* “I know.”

Employee: *sounding nervous* “So there’s no English. You’ll have to use the subtitles for everything they’re saying.”

Me: “I know. I saw that in the review, too; it’s no problem.”

Employee: *sounding relieved* “Oh, okay; it’s just that we had complaints and people walking out asking for refunds so my manager makes me tell everyone in advance now.”

Me: “You mean people who go to a movie filmed in Spain, advertised as Spanish, with an all-Spanish cast and crew, are surprised when the film is actually in Spanish?”

Employee: “Yup! And when they find out they have to read, they’ve come storming out of the theater screaming at us. The first showing had at least half of the theater demanding refunds. That’s why I have to tell everyone up-front now.”

(I don’t know who I felt sorrier for: the employees who had to listen to the complaints or the people who missed a great movie because they didn’t want to bother reading subtitles.)

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