Style Over Substance

, , , | Right | March 2, 2020

(I don’t much like going to barbers or hair places because I have perpetual bad hair day. I generally give up on instructions to the stylist.)

Stylist #1: “Scissors or clippers?”

Me: “Whatever you prefer to use.”

Stylist #1: *momentary confusion*

(One day, I get an older stylist and she realizes I am giving her the option to do what she wants.)

Stylist #2: “I’m going to thin out the base of your hair so it’ll rise up at the top, and…”

(She lost me with the rest of her plan. The “thinning” thing bothered me since my head was already doing that naturally, but I sighed inwardly and let it happen. I got three compliments on my hair the next day. I think I’m going back to her for my next haircut!)

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