Stupidity: Unplugged

, , , | Right | December 4, 2019

(In my office, we rent out spare offices for meetings for third parties. A lady hurries in.)

Lady: “I rented an office and I need to give a presentation soon!”

(I check everything and take her to the office. I ask her if she needs anything and she says she’s fine. I return to my desk and the lady hurries to me not five minutes later.)

Lady: “The mouse is not working! How could you rent out an office without a working mouse?!”

Me: “Let’s see if I can figure out what is wrong.”

(I am no helpdesk employee, but I decide to check the basic things. First, I wiggle the wireless mouse and hit the connect button on the bottom. No luck. Then, I move to the PC and… lo and behold. I unplug an unknown USB-stick and return the receiver into the slot. It makes a ding, lights go on…)

Me: “I don’t know how this receiver got unplugged, but it’s working now. And if you need to use one of the USB-ports, please use one of the empty ones.”

(The lady turned red and muttered a “thank you,” and I didn’t see her until after the presentation. Of course, I knew she was the one who unplugged the receiver.)

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