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Stupidity Is The Mother of Repetition

, , | Right | March 3, 2008

(There is a huge line of customers waiting on their drinks. An impatient customer who just placed his order assumes the next drink is his and takes it, after I call someone else’s name.)

Customer: “This isn’t hot chocolate.”

Me: “That’s because you grabbed someone else’s drink.”

Customer: “But it isn’t hot chocolate!”

Me: “There are nine people in front of you waiting for drinks. You grabbed the wrong drink.”

Customer: “But it isn’t hot chocolate.”

(I look at the order screen for the name on the drink he took.)

Me: “Is your name [Other Customer]?”

Customer: “No, and this isn’t hot chocolate!”

Me: “That’s because you took [Other Customer]’s drink!”

Customer: “It’s not hot chocolate!”

Me: “Hand me the drink and I will remake the person whose drink you took. I’ll make your hot chocolate, but it will take a few minutes!”

(The customer hands the drink back to me.)

Customer: “It’s not hot chocolate!”

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