Stupidity Is The Mother Of Repetition, Part 2

| | Right | June 13, 2008

(A customer comes to the counter to borrow a DVD, I go into the back and get the one he wants, and all seems normal…)

Me: “May I have your card?”

Customer: *presents a bank card*

Me: “I mean your library card.”

Customer: “You mean I can’t buy it?”

Me: “No, you can only borrow from a library. ¬†You can buy DVDs in the shop around the corner.

Customer: “Oh…. so I can’t buy it here? I have to borrow it?”

Me: “Yep.”

Customer: “I wanted to buy it.”

Me: “You can only buy it from shops. Are you a member of the library?

Customer: “No, I wanted to buy this DVD.”

Me: “You can’t buy things here, you can only borrow things when you’re a member.”

(By this point there is quite a long queue behind him, so I ring the bell for assistance.)

Customer: “What’s that bell for? Is it for getting a copy I can buy?”

Me: “No, it’s to get assistance for the other readers. ¬†If you’d like to buy a DVD, I’d strongly suggest you go elsewhere. ”

Customer: “So I can’t buy it?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: *pauses* “Oh… I wanted to buy it.” (After one more pause, he finally leaves.)


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  • Trillium

    You just have to ruin it a bit, and then they’ll force you to buy it, lady. Easy.

  • Stephanie Trump

    I guess you could check it out and then not return it and pay the late fees.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    Seriously … after the second time I said “YOU CAN’T BUY IT HERE” I’d have given up and called the person behind them and left them standing there until reality finally percolated through their thick skull.