Stupid Lives Matter Too

| Working | April 28, 2017

(I have just gotten into work and started cleaning in the staff room. A colleague walks in.)

Colleague: *spotting a half filled up cup* “Oh, do you mind? I’m so thirsty!”

(She picks it up and slurps some of it. Her face turns sour and she spits it back out.)

Colleague: “What is this? It tastes awful.”

Me: “I have no idea. I just got here.”

Colleague: “You should have told me it wasn’t water. You need to be more considerate!”

Me: “But I have literally just got in. I have no idea what’s in that cup.”

Colleague: “I’m going to talk with [Manager] about this. That was so mean! I’ve never been so oppressed in my life!”

(She disappears into her manager’s office for a few minutes while I’m left dumbstruck. She comes out and doesn’t notice me, but has an air of importance about her. The manager comes out.)

Manager: “So she came into the room, saw a cup with something in it, and didn’t question what it was before choking it down?”

Me: “That was also oppression, according to her.”

Manager: *shaking his head* “Idiocy comes in all forms…”

(As for the liquid in the cup: cleaning solution. Apparently the bottle holding it split open and someone decided to use a cup to hold the rest of it in. It’s a good thing it wasn’t dangerous.)

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