Stupid Heard You, And Stupid Answered

, , , | Right | August 29, 2019

(I’m just about finished with another day at work, with less than an hour to go, and I’m marveling to myself about the lack of stupidity today. I say goodbye to a visitor and she walks towards the doors.)

Visitor: *stands in front of the door, face inches from the glass*

Me: *blinks, watching her, at least ten seconds pass*

Visitor: *looks back over her shoulder at me, confused look on her face*

Me: “It’s… open?” *head-tilt*

Visitor: “Oh…” *very carefully pushes on the door and edges through it to get out* 

(She wasn’t a new visitor. The doors have never been automatic. I think… her brain just shut off for a moment. Seriously, though, never think that you haven’t seen many stupid people that day, because the universe will send you a reminder.)

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