Stuffed Candy Meets Sweet Justice

| Right | January 14, 2013

(I’m checking out a couple with a lot of groceries and other items. The wife is unloading the cart on to the belt while the husband has come down to the end of the belt and starts chatting with me.)

Me: “Oh, the weather’s been lovely for—”

(I stop mid-sentence when I notice the wife stuffing assorted items into the candy, trying to hide them.)

Me: “Ma’am, you can give those items to me and I’ll take care of them.”

(She gives me a blank stare.)

Me: “The items you don’t want? It’s no trouble; I’ll just take them.”

Wife: *holds her hands up and shrugs* “What are you talking about?”

Husband: “Oh, just take the items out of the candy and hand them to her.”

(The wife retrieves the items and hands them to me, mumbling.)

Wife: “You weren’t supposed to be watching…”

(She goes back to unloading the cart but is visibly pouting. The husband just gives his wife a puzzled look and apologizes to me. Thankfully she didn’t have any other unwanted merchandise!)

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