Studying A Meaty Subject

| Related | August 27, 2013

(My mother is flying to USA to attend my brother’s graduation from university. English is her third language, and while she understands a lot, talking is harder for her.)

Passenger: “So, where are you going?”

Mom: *very proudly* “I’m going to visit my son and attend his graduation from university.”

Passenger: “Oh, how nice. What is he graduating as?”

Mom: “A vegetarian.”

Passenger: “Oh… that’s… interesting. Did he go to university for that?”

Mom: “Oh, yes, for four years.”

Passenger: “Hmm… I didn’t know that you could do that.”

(My mom now notices how strangely the passenger is reacting to her story. She starts replaying the conversation in her head and finally a light goes on in her head.)

Mom: “No, I meant VETERINARIAN!”

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