A Student Of The Ticketing System

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(I live down the street from a university, and I often go to their library for the free Internet service. Because I’m not a student, I always park in a space labeled “Visitor Parking.” However, I occasionally still get a parking ticket from campus police. The exchange at the parking office usually goes like this:)

Me: “I need to dispute this ticket. I was parked in visitor parking.”

Worker: “Students aren’t allowed to park in visitor parking.”

Me: “Okay, but I’m not a student. My car doesn’t have a parking permit on it.”

Worker: “A lot of students don’t buy the permit. Just because your car doesn’t have the permit doesn’t mean you’re not a student.”

Me: “If I give you my ID, is there any way you can see if I’m in the university’s system as a registered student?”

Worker: “That doesn’t prove that you’re not a student.”

(After this, I’d ask for the supervisor, who would throw the ticket out. But after the third time, I just stopped going. I’m still not sure how I was supposed to prove that I wasn’t a student at that school.)

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