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Stuck In The Middle Of An Incompetence Sandwich

| Working | May 22, 2016

(I get hired for a summer job where every employee is supposed to tackle a bit of every job, e.g. cleaning, doing front registers, drive-thru, and making sandwiches. I start the job and am trained on everything except how to make sandwiches. This happens at my trainee review session with my supervisor after a month of working there.)

Supervisor: “Are there any areas at which you would like you or us to improve?”

Me: “Well, I still haven’t been trained on the sandwich station. In fact, none of the employees that were hired alongside me have been trained on it.”

Supervisor: *laughs* “Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of sandwich experience.”

(A month passes and neither I, nor any of my new coworkers, have had any training on the sandwich station. The busy season has started, and so the supervisors don’t want to put new people on the sandwich station to train them, as it would slow them down. When my next trainee review comes along…)

Me: “I still have not had any training on the sandwich station, and neither has anyone else. For improvement I think you guys need to work on scheduling training for your new people.”

Supervisor: *sternly* “We’re working on it. You will be trained on how to make sandwiches.”

(Another month passes. I only have a month left to work at this job before I go back to school. By now, most of the experienced people have left due to poor treatment from the owner, and now the store is stocked with inexperienced people who were not trained on the sandwich station, among other things. By this point, the only people who know how to make sandwiches are the supervisors, who become too busy with that task so they aren’t able to do most of their other duties. My final trainee review happens, and I echo what I’ve said before, to be told that I would be trained that week. A supervisor ‘tries’ to train me, but shoos me away after twenty minutes. It is now my second last day on the job.)

Supervisor: “So, how would you like to get trained on sandwiches now that it’s slowed down?”

Me: “Um… I’m leaving tomorrow, and you have a BUNCH of new people who all have less training than I do.”

Supervisor: “Still, at least you’ll know what you’re doing!”

Me: “For one day out of the entire summer?”

(So there I was, doing sandwich training on my second last day. Needless to say, I didn’t put those skills to use for very long. The kicker? The owner came in on the last day and shouted at the supervisors for making sandwiches when “the regular staff should be doing that.”)

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