Strut Your Stuff… Outside

, , , | Working | July 23, 2018

(My store only hires once or twice a year, at most — every autumn and winter for seasonal staff, and occasionally in the middle of the year. Despite this, though, we do get people asking about applications all year around, and most are perfectly understanding when we explain why we’re not hiring or taking CVs at that time. Even if we know that we’re not currently hiring, we often tell people to check our company’s social media pages since any new vacancies always get posted there, just in case. One day I get this lady:)

Woman: *literally STRUTS all the way from the door up to the counter* “You. You have a job for me?”

Me: “Um… Sorry, we’re not hiring at the moment. If you check our social media, though—”

(The woman sneered, turned on her heel, and strutted right back out of the store before I could get another word out. I’m devastated that I didn’t get the opportunity to work alongside such a charming human.)

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