Strong Security Needs Pro-teen

| Working | September 2, 2013

(I live in DC, and often visit the Smithsonian museums. I also look quite young.)

Security Guard: “Hey, you! You’re not allowed in here!”

Me: “Why? Have I done something? I just walked in!”

Security Guard: “You have to be at least 16 to come in on your own.”

Me: “I’m 17, so I guess I’m fine then.”

Security Guard: “Uh, no, you’re not. Now walk back out before I detain you and call your parents.”

Me: “But I’m 17! Look, I can show you—”

Security Guard: “No.”

Me: “But look, I have my—”

Security Guard: “NO!”

Me: “But it can prove—”

Security Guard: “NO!”

Me: “Seriously? Will you please just—

Security Guard: “NO! No excuses! You’ve gone too far. Let’s go call your parents.”

Me: “As I was TRYING TO SAY: I have my driver’s license on me! Right here! See? I’m 17!”

Security Guard: “So you are. Well, you may proceed, ma’am, and welcome to the Smithsonian.”

Me: “…are you serious?!”

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