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Stripped Of Your Privacy

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(My office is a large house that was built in the ’70s and has wide windows in what used to be the living room. Since my office is in that room, our neighbors across the street are able to see what we’re doing easily and are prone to report to our boss about odd occurrences they see. In other words, they’re nosy. The weather has been in the low 20s, so I wear a cardigan to work one day. It gets warm enough in the afternoon for me to take it off, so I stand up from my desk to pull it off. About thirty minutes later, I get a call from my boss, who is female.)

Boss: “Is there anything I should be concerned about?”

Me: “No. Should there be?”

Boss: *sounding amused* “[Neighbor] called me. She said she noticed you stripping in front of the window.”

Me: *laughing* “Really? She’d have to be pressing her face up to the window to see that. I pulled off my cardigan only. I have a black tank top on under it. How could she miss it?”

Boss: “I don’t know, but next time you decide to have a strip show in front of the window, let me in on the show, so I can freak her out.”

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