Stripped Down Religion

| Romantic | July 17, 2013

(My fiancé and I are on our way home from wedding planning with our moms. My mom has repeatedly made remarks that the wedding is sacred.)

Fiancé: “So, I think your mom takes religion way too seriously here. Which is funny, because you’re way more religious than she is, right?”

Me: “Yeah, I am, but she’s a lot more rigid in religious tradition. She’s like a strict old-timey schoolteacher. Sit up straight, act perfect, dress up.”

Fiancé: “Man, I’m glad you’re not like that. I’m glad we’re both flexible, but I’m more so than you.”

Me: “Yeah, compared to her, my beliefs are sort of running around, doing the splits and back flips, jumping off walls, and all that jazz. I’m flexible.”

Fiancé: “Well, if that’s your religious beliefs, mine are a stripper at this point.”

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