Striking A Happy Medium

| Working | August 16, 2014

(One of my more senior coworkers has a well-known reputation for being particularly grumpy and offensive; however, we get on quite well. I’m being let in by the owner just as my coworker arrives.)

Me: “Morning, [Owner].

(My coworker brushes past me. In a very artificially bright voice I speak up.)

Me: “Morning, Mr. Happy!”

Coworker: *grunts*

Me: “Nice to see you’re in such a good mood, Mr. Happy!”

Coworker: *grunts again* “Coffee.”

Me: “You’re going to be even more happy after coffee? How will we cope, Mr. Happy?”

(My coworker and I hear a thump, and turn to see the owner has hit the floor due to her hysterical laughter.)

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