Strictly Sickly

, | Working | September 26, 2013

(One of our managers is really strict when it comes to getting days off on short notice. I am speaking to a different manager about tomorrow morning’s schedule.)

Me: “I know it’s really short notice, but I can’t make my shift tomorrow. I know I won’t be able to get anyone to cover me since tomorrow is Sunday, do you think you can manage without me?”

Nice Manager: “Sure! Don’t worry about getting someone to cover it. I’ll just mark you off now.”

(A few hours later, the strict manager comes in a sees me marked off for tomorrow morning.)

Strict Manager: “Why are you marked off?”

Me: “Because I’m taking tomorrow off.”

Strict Manager: “You can’t do that! You have to get someone to cover for you first. And don’t bother with whatever excuse you have planned. If you can’t get someone to cover for you then you have to work your shift. That’s the rules!”

Me: “But [Nice Manager] runs that shift, and he already told me I could!”

Strict Manager: “Well I say you can’t, so you better be here first thing in the morning tomorrow or I’m writing you up!”

(I start to argue, but my nice manager stops me and gives me a piece of advice. The next morning I take his advice and call work. My strict manager answers the phone.)

Me: “Hey, it’s [My Name]. I just called because I’m too sick to come in today.”

Strict Manager: “Oh, okay! I’ll just mark you off the schedule and let [Nice Manager] know you won’t be in. Feel better soon!”

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