Stretching The Definition Of Public Use

| Friendly | October 17, 2016

(It’s fall and the leaves have just turned, so the local, public use park has become very popular for family photos. It gets annoying after a while when families are blocking the paths and bridges, getting in the way of hikers and runners. I’m usually pretty nice about it but at the end of my hike I’m fed up after having to cross over on the road bridges twice because the walking trail is blocked. I’m stretching in the same area as always, a small spot with a bench overlooking the river.)

Photographer: *with family* “Hey, do you mind if we take photos here?”

Me: *continuing to stretch* “No! Not at all. Go right ahead.”

(The photographer stares at me not moving from the spot. There’s really no area I can move to where I won’t be in the way.)

Me: “…”

Photographer: *hovering with gear* “…?”

Me: *changing sides on my stretch* “…”

(The photographer and family shuffled away. Score one for “public use” not meaning that photos get priority.)

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