Stretching Out Your Patience

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After a few years of wearing old and stretched-out bras, because it wasn’t worth it to me to go bra shopping when I kept changing sizes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, I finally decide to go to a specialty shop and treat myself to a high-quality, supporting, and fitting piece.

I already tried this shop a year ago and was disappointed: I called ahead to check if they had nursing bras in specific sizes, was told, “Of course!”, and then showed up to find out that they actually didn’t have them. But I figured that nursing bras were kind of an exception and that they would be better when it came to regular bras.

For reference, in France, band sizes go 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, etc., and cup sizes go A, B, C, D, E, etc.

Me: “Hello, I’m here for a new bra. I just stopped breastfeeding and I don’t really know what size I am right now, so I was hoping you could measure me.”

Shopkeeper: “Well, what size are you wearing?”

Me: “Right now, a 90-G sports bra, but it’s wayyy too big. I got it while I was breastfeeding.”

Shopkeeper: “You are not a G-cup!”

Me: “Yes, I know; that’s why I need a new bra. I’ve been wearing old bras forever. I’ve had three kids and my breasts have really changed shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’ve bought sports bras and nursing bras in all sizes, ranging from D to G, so I have no idea what size I am today.”

Shopkeeper: “You don’t know what size you are? Well, what are we going to do, then?”

Me: “Could you not just measure me? The last time I was correctly fitted was ten years ago, and I used to be a 85-F, but you can clearly see that I have lost a few cup sizes!”

I laugh awkwardly and gesture at my chest.

Shopkeeper: “There’s no way you’re an F-cup!”

Me: “Yes, that’s what I just said.”

Shopkeeper: *Searching through her stock* “F! No way! You’re, like, a C, at best!”

Me: “I know… So could we measure me, please?”

The shopkeeper gives me a few C bras to try on.

Shopkeeper: “See? You’re a C-cup. Not an F!”

Me: “Actually, there’s a bit of a bulge here. Can we try a D-cup? And I keep telling you that I know I’m not an F-cup anymore.”

I finally got out of there with a 90-D bra. I never got her to measure me; she didn’t even have a measuring tape. She kept muttering that there was no way I was an F-cup.


I now exclusively shop at the specialty bra shop my mom uses, one she introduced me to as a teenager. It’s 500 km away and I can only go while visiting my parents, but the vendors there are so much more professional!

I also tried the mainstream stores, now that I am a “normal” cup size. So not worth it. The 20€ bras seemed to fit but had no support, leading to breast pain, and they stretched out after a few weeks. The “specialty” 90€ bras last a year and more.

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