Strawberry Savings Forever

, , , , | Working | December 14, 2018

My mom prefers shopping for fresh produce at a particular small-chain grocery known for sales and low prices. I’m with her when we see a sign to buy two, get two free baskets of strawberries. We get the four baskets, finish shopping, and go to pay.

The cashier rings up the strawberries, only for it to show they are at regular price each. My mom points out the error, citing the sale. The cashier apologizes, explaining that sale was for the weekend only. My mom replies that she saw the sign, and asks if the sale is truly over.

We’re the only ones around at the moment, it being early, so the cashier goes to the produce section to check, and comes back with a sour look on her face. We hear her speaking into her walkie, asking where a particular worker is. The voice on the end says the worker is not on the premise, and she rolls her eyes. When she gets back to us, Mom asks if everything is all right.

Turns out, the particular worker whose job it was to change the weekend signs to weekday signs decided it was too hard, and also decided to take an early lunch break — it was barely nine am. The worker in question is the son of a manager, who wants their son to learn good working habits. Apparently, it isn’t sticking.

The cashier gives us the discount, anyway, not just on the strawberries but on several items. When Mom asks if there will be any trouble, she says it will just have to be the worker’s fault, because she can’t change all the signs and cashier at the same time, and the other employee is busy in the back. We thank her and head out, with over thirty dollars in savings. I don’t know what became of the lazy worker, but I hope they got their head on straight.

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