Strawberry Fields Forever Friends

, , | Hopeless | May 23, 2016

(When my now sister in law was getting married she was having an outdoor wedding, with a champagne reception on the beach. I wanted to surprise her with some strawberries to enjoy with our fizz so went to a local fruit market to buy them.)

Me: “Do you have strawberries?”

Stall Holder: “Yes, we do. We have these ones for £5 a punnet and those other ones for £7 a punnet. What do you need them for?”

(I am quite shocked at the price but explain what I want to do.)

Stall Holder: “No, you don’t want these! These are for jam!”

(He then hands me four punnets of small, beautiful strawberries.)

Me: “So, erm, how much are these ones?”

(The stall holder simply said “a smile” and let me on my way. When I told my sis-in-law the story, she sent me back with a flower from our other purchases as we were also buying for her bouquet. Thank you for not seeing the pound signs when the word wedding was mentioned!)

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