Strawberry Champagne On Ice, Lucky For You That’s What I Like

, , , | Right | August 9, 2019

(I work in a hotel. I’ve finished most of my work for the evening and am eating my lunch when a phone call from one of our guests comes down. He is asking for an extra couple of pillows. I tell him I’ll be up as soon as I can. A few minutes later, I knock on the door and he opens it before I even finish knocking. It’s about 2:00 am, and there’s some Barry White going on in the background. The guy answering the door is quite young, fit, and stark naked, and… is very well endowed. He smiles as if everything is as it should be and thanks me for the pillows. Before the door closes, I hear a woman speak.)

Female Guest: “Can she bring some champagne up?”

(He looks at me, and I’m about to answer, shaking my head, when I hear another woman speak.)

Other Female Guest: “Oh, and some strawberries and cream!”

(He looks back at me. I smile but shake my head, trying to ignore the blush that’s fighting to get to my face.)

Me: “I’m sorry, our restaurant and bar are closed. You should have some wine and champagne in the mini-fridge, though.”

Male Guest: “Ah, we already went through that. Thanks, anyway, sweetheart.”

(He winked at me and closed the door. I barely made it to the lobby before my blush exploded on my face and I started laughing.)

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