Strangeness Is Engaging

| Romantic | January 14, 2012

(I intend to propose to my rather strange girlfriend. I take her up to a park that overlooks the city. It’s night-time, so the city lights are rather attractive from where we are. We look out over them.)

Me: *nervously* “Honey, I have something I want to say.”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, I thought as much. What did you do this time?”

Me: “I…what?”

Girlfriend: “You only ever take me places when you’re trying to make up for something you did wrong. What is it today?”

Me: “No, no! It’s nothing like that!”

Girlfriend: “Sure it isn’t. This is the part where you try and rationalize what you’ve done and turn it into a good thing. We’ve been together four years now, dear. I know you too well.”

Me: “Listen, will you just hear me out?”

Girlfriend: “Yes, okay. Fine. What is it?”

(I launch into a little speech that I’d prepared, mood dampened slightly by what had just happened. At the end, I get down on one knee.)

Me: “Will you marry me?”

Girlfriend: *instantly* “Yes! Of course, yes!”

(I put on her ring, and we hug. She’s in tears. It’s at this point that she whispers something in my ear.)

Girlfriend: “It was bad news after all…”

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