Strange Artists On A Train

| Friendly | June 24, 2015

(I’m an art student, heading back home on a long train journey. I’d been drawing in my sketchbook for the past 30 minutes, when a stranger sits down besides me.)

Stranger: *nudging me* “Wow, that’s a really great drawing!”

Me: *shocked at being nudged* “O-oh, thank you!”

(Being dedicated to finishing off my drawing, I continued, whilst the kind stranger carried on watching. A few stops later…)

Stranger: “Well I’ll be heading off now. Keep up the great work!”

(She drops something onto the table.)

Me: “Wai- What’s this?”

Stranger: “Try out this, I think this would work well for you.” *leaves*

(As it turned out, the stranger was a fellow artist. The item she dropped/gave was a Promarker, which is a really good illustration item that costs quite a bit. I’m really glad she gave it; it has served me well. Thank you, kind stranger!)

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