Stranded At The Drive-Thru, Branded A Fool…

, , , , , | Working | October 5, 2020

My family was down by my college for a surgery that my mother was having so they decided to come to visit me. We all decided that we were hungry and went to a popular taco fast food place in town.

When we got there, we pulled up to the speaker and no worker said a thing. We tried around five times to get their attention, including backing up and pulling forward to set the sensor off. No response.

We finally pulled up to the window to see what was going on. When we got up to the window, they told us that they were so short-staffed they didn’t have enough people to man the drive-thru. The thing was, there was no sign out front or on the speaker to say so.

We went inside to order and found out they were out of nachos and their pop machine was not working. One of the employees apologized about it and the drive-thru and said that their boss told them they could not put up a sign saying the drive-thru was closed.

I get that you have to look professional, but if the drive-thru is closed, you need to tell the customers before they pull up. We watched at least five people pull up to the drive-thru and sit there for minutes before driving away.

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