Straightening Out Their Musical History

| Related | September 6, 2014

(I am attending my great-uncle’s funeral at a Catholic Church.  While the rest of the family is at least nominally Catholic (though not into some of the hard-line doctrine), I renounced it years ago and am atheist, so I do not take Communion.  While everyone is lining up, a singer starts Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria.’)

Me: *snicker*

Mom: *cuffs me on the back of the head* “Stop it!  This is a funeral!”

Me: “Yeah, but Mom, this is a Catholic Church and she’s singing Schubert.”

Mom: “So?”

Me: “So Schubert was gay. Bet they don’t know that.”

Mom, Sister, and Aunt: *snicker*

Dad: “Whatever you do, don’t tell your great-aunt!”

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