Straightening Out The Stereotypes

| Working | December 18, 2013

(My sister is out having lunch with my wife. My sister is gay but looks very girly, while my wife has several piercings and very short hair. Their male server takes a long look at my sister.)

Server: “Hey, babe. My shift ends in 15. Why don’t you ditch her and come have lunch on me?”

Sister: “Uh, no, thanks. Can we just order?”

Server: “Oh, come on! Look at her. You know this [lesbian slur] just wants to get in your pants right?”

Sister: “As opposed to you? She is actually married to my brother, if you must know. I, however, am a [lesbian slur], and not interested in your scrawny a**. Though I doubt you’d get any girls using a method like that. Come on, [Wife’s Name], let’s have lunch elsewhere.”

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