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Store Coupons Work In Store, As In OUR Store

, , , | Right | July 6, 2020

Me: “Thank you for calling [Retail Company]; my name is [My Name]. What can I help you with today?”

Caller: “Hey, are you associated with [Clothing Retailer]? Or [Furniture Store]?”

Me: “No, I’m afraid we’re not. Our sister companies are—” *Lists off four different stores*

Caller: “Do you know if [Clothing Retailer] accepts your coupons?”

Me: “Well, they’re a different company, so I don’t think they would. I’m not sure if they accept competitors’ coupons.”

Caller: “Find out.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t find out. They’re not one of our stores. There’s no way for us to find out if they take our coupons.”

Caller: “Well, call them and find out!”

Me: “I’m… sorry? I have no way to find out from them. I can’t call them to find out if they take our coupons. They’re not associated with us.”

Caller: “Then, get me your boss! They’ll know!”

Me: “Uh… Okay. It’ll be just a moment.”

Caller: “Send me to your leaderrrr!”

I transferred him over to our supervisor, who told him the same thing I had about which companies are associated with us. He then yelled at her and told her that we didn’t care about our “customers” and hung up on her.

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