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Storage Wars: Christmas Special

, , , | Right | August 27, 2021

It is three weeks after Christmas. All of our Christmas merchandise has been on sale for 50% off with the exception of the Christmas storage — you know, the special boxes for wreaths and ornaments and that sort of thing.

I come to work after being off and am told that Christmas merchandise has now dropped to 75% off. I’m helping to cover the register when a woman pushes a cartload of Christmas stuff up to me.

Customer: “I have a problem. When I check the prices on your self-scan machines, most of this stuff comes up 75% off, but the boxes are only 50% off.”

Me: “Well, let’s take a look at that. I was off yesterday, and I only just got here, so I’m not sure about the sale. As of two days ago, storage wasn’t on sale at all yet.”

I scan the merchandise and, sure enough, the storage is 50% off. I radio the other supervisor on duty to check on the status of the sale; she confirms that the storage is now 50% off. I relay this to the customer.

Customer: *Getting snotty* “Well, your signs all say, ‘All Christmas 75% off.'”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but our storage containers aren’t part of the regular sale.”

Customer: “Show me where it says that on the sign, then! I read the sign and there was nothing about storage being different! If you can show me where it says that on the sign, I’ll pay it, but I don’t think you can!”

I’m not sure if she’s expecting me to simply cave or to be too busy or lazy to actually go and get the sign. At any rate, she certainly looks surprised when I step out from behind my counter and walk over to where one of the signs is positioned by the remaining Christmas trees. I bring it back.

Me: *Pointing* “It says here in the large print, ‘All Christmas 75% off.’ But down here, in the smaller bold letters, it says, ‘Excludes Christmas storage.'”

Customer: *Stares for a moment* “Okay.”

Me: “Did you still want the storage items, ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes.”

She paid for everything and left. My co-supervisor high-fived me as I went to put the sign back.