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Stopped On A Ring Road

| Romantic | June 2, 2012

(I have plans on asking my girlfriend’s father for his blessing to marry his daughter. I have the ring in my car. I planned on pulling him to the side to ask, but wasn’t able to before we had to leave. We leave her parent’s house and are driving back to mine, when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ plays on the radio. My girlfriend starts to sing and dance around. When the lyrics say, ‘If you like then you should have put a ring on it’, she starts waving her hand at me.)

Me: “Is that what you would like, sweetheart? A ring?”

Girlfriend: “You know that’s what I want. I’ve been telling you that for a while. That would make me very happy.”

(She continues to sing along to the song.)

Me: “”Well I like ‘it’.”

Girlfriend: “Like what?”

Me: “It.”

Girlfriend: “What?”

Me: “You.”

Girlfriend: “So, now I’m an ‘It’?!”

Me: “No, that’s how the song goes.”

(I bring the car to a stop and turn on the cab lights.)

Me: “…and I want to put a ring on it.”

(I pull out the ring box, open it, and give it to her.)

Girlfriend: “Seriously?!”

(After being speechless for a few minutes, she says yes. When we tell her parents, I apologize for not asking beforehand. Her dad says, ‘That’s completely okay. You were pre-approved.’)

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