Stop Mom From Happening

, , , | Working | May 14, 2018

(My mom and I are on a long trip, five hours or so, to see my dad at his current out-of-town work. We stop to get some fast food since we both forgot to eat breakfast this morning, and it’s around noon by now. After she places our orders at the drive-thru, she’s already getting pissy, and they’re taking a while. She’s told to go to one of those waiting spots, and she’s getting really mad. An employee walks out with our drinks, and one more bag than we expect.)

Employee: *apologetic* “We’re super sorry about the wait; there was a spill and we had to clean it up.”

Mom: “Whatever, but why are there so many—”

Me: “Mom, be nice.”

Employee: “Oh! We… actually felt pretty bad, so there’s two free chocolate pie slices in here. If you’re allergic, I don’t mind taking them back and trading them out.”

(Let’s just say that my mom was in a much better mood after that, and actually apologized to him for being so mad and all. All-in-all, he really cheered us up; I’m just sad we couldn’t give him a tip or anything.)

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