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Should Stop Donating Your Advice

, , , , | Right | September 29, 2017

(We are in the building next to a [Major Supermarket Chain] in a small, affluent, seaside town. The supermarket is undergoing renovations which have blocked off the footpath to the other end of town. Our shop has a back door, which means that walking through our shop is now the quickest way to get to the supermarket. My manager has decided to make use of the extra foot-traffic, and has put signs up asking for donations to an oceanic charity.)

Customer: “You should start charging a toll for people who walk through here!”

Me: “Well, we actually have a donation tin for the Dolphin institute, like the big sign says…”

Customer: *expression drops*

(This happens every shift, multiple times. They’ll exit without saying another word to me.)

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