Stop Being Such A Diction

| Learning | October 1, 2016

(The entire grade is coming home from a field trip on a school bus. There are two teachers on it with us, one that doesn’t teach our grade and one that does. Towards the back of the bus, a boy starts bullying the girl next to him, calling her hurtful names and making sexist remarks, just quietly enough that the teachers can’t hear. She finally gets fed up.)


(There is an awkward silence as both teachers look back at her.)

Teacher #1: “Young lady, watch your diction! What’s your name? I’m going to be telling your teacher about this!”

Teacher #2: “Hey, she’s my student. I can take care of this.”

(He walks to the back and the students around the girl tell the story.)

Teacher #2: “Okay, [Girl], watch your mouth. Boy, stop being such a d*** a**-hole.”

Teacher #1: *shocked* “[Teacher #2], diction!”

Teacher #2: “Oh, my diction was just right.”

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