Stinky Steve

, , , , , | Right | April 29, 2020

It is around 10:00 pm on a Friday night. I am the shift lead and we are winding down to our closing time at 11:00 pm. One of my coworkers finished work shortly before and stayed around in the lobby to chat with friends. He goes to the toilet and comes back seconds later asking me to come with him to the disabled toilets. Our disabled toilet has a sliding door that is open, and you can see in when it isn’t in use.

Upon arriving at the toilet, I see that someone has written the name “Steve” in foot-high letters across the wall in excrement and left their “pen” in the sink. Having dealt with numerous rectal catastrophes over the years, the stink doesn’t quite knock me sick, but the sheer sight of it destroys me as a person.

My staff member politely declines the offer to give me a hand with it, so I clean it myself. I go and watch the CCTV footage afterward and can only narrow down the culprit to about a dozen people.

I never did find out who “Steve” was but he was the one who finished me off. I handed my notice in the next day, which contained possibly the only ever use of “a*** graffiti” in an official document, and had a couple of weeks to myself before settling on haulage as a next direction for myself.

I very much enjoy my new life which is devoid of fecal horrors and the other joys of the fast food industry.

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