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Stingy, Maybe, But They Love To Share!

, , , , | Learning | September 18, 2021

It’s said that the richer they are, the stingier they are, and uni professors are no exception. My thesis professor once “invited” a bunch of students out on his sailboat and then charged them for the food. But this story I’ve been told is probably the best example. [UK Professor] is organising a conference. [Italian Professor] is an expert in the field.

UK Professor: “Are you coming to the conference in May? You could give a presentation about your recent research. [Famous Researcher] will be there; you could get to meet him at the dinner.”

Italian Professor: “Eh, I’d like to, but the budget — my department won’t cover all the cost.”

UK Professor: “Well, I have a spare room; you could stay at my place.”

Italian Professor: “In that case, I’m coming.”

Fast forward to May. The Italian professor arrives and is shown the room, and guests and hosts have dinner together. Later in the evening, the Italian professor, who just retired for the night, knocks on the bedroom door of the UK professor.

Italian Professor: “Can you help me with this? I’ve forgotten to pack a toothbrush.”

UK Professor: “Sure, there must be a couple of new ones.”

Italian Professor: “No, no, I don’t need all that. I was wondering if you’d lend me yours.”