Still Trying To Make Fetch Happen

| NY, USA | Learning | November 28, 2015

(I am in rehearsal for my school musical, and I have just been assigned a new part. I go to the bathroom and hear the last part of the conversation just as I’m opening the door.)

Teacher: “At this point, [My Name] will walk in and everyone will stop singing.”

Girl #1: “Oh, my god, she’s right there!”

Classmates: “Oh, my god, look! That is SO funny!”

Me: “Um… hi? What’s going on?”

Girl #2: “So, Mr. [Teacher] was just saying you’d walk in and interrupt the singing, and you just walked in.”

Me: “Oh… hey, maybe I’m psychic! Like I have… ESPN or something…”

Friend: “Yeah, like your boobs know when it’s going to rain… or if it’s already raining.”

Girl #2: “What?”

Me:Mean Girls quote. Sorry.”

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