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Still In Sync

| Romantic | May 21, 2012

(My girlfriend will sometimes talk in her sleep, but only if you ask her questions. The hilarious thing is, she’ll usually still get it right. One evening I have my poker buddies over, and she’s asleep on the couch .)

Friend #1: *to me* “Hey, who’s that guy with the nasal voice who was in IT?”

Girlfriend: *in her sleep* “Tim Curry.”

Friend #1: “Holy crap! I thought she was sleeping.”

Me: “She is, watch. Hey, babe? Who played Candyman?”

Girlfriend: *still sleeping* “Tony Todd.”

(My friends are trying not to laugh too loudly, so she doesn’t wake up.)

Friend #1: “Wow, man that’s really funny. Does she always do that?”

Me: “Usually. You’ll get funnier answers if you ask her questions based on the assumption that she’ll know because she’s female.”

Friend #2: “Hey, I got one! Who’re the guys in NSYNC?”

Girlfriend: “Go f*** yourself.”

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