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Still Got Some Barks Left

| Learning | March 31, 2016

(I am a student teacher working in an eleventh and twelfth grade English class. While our county is usually quite safe, two days earlier a man was shot and killed on a trail near the school. While the students are sharing short story ideas, one student in particular has a different idea.)

Student: “I actually was going to write a more nonfiction story about [Victim], who got killed two days ago, and about his life.”

Student #2: “Wait, what? Someone was killed?”

(We start having a conversation about the shooting, and how the suspect was caught in Oregon, driving the victim’s car.)

Student #3: “I heard he shot the guy’s dog, too!”

Student #4: “Wait, what? I heard the dog was fine.”

Me: “Well, the dog was shot, but it’s fine now.”

Student #4: “Awww!”

(They pull a sad face, which unfortunately makes me start laughing.)

Me: “Look, I said the dog’s okay, but the man is not! The man is dead!”

Student #4: “But… the dog’s fine, right?”

Me: *headdesk, laughing* “Yes, [Student #4]. The dog is fine.”

(Good to know my students have their priorities straight.)

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