Sticking Their Neck Out For You

| Romantic | November 12, 2016

(I’m taking the train to work, and since part of my job is reviewing the audiobooks that our company produces, I usually listen to them during the commute. This particular morning, I’m pretty engrossed in the book I’m listening to, but I notice with some annoyance that a really loud man is making off-color jokes towards the center of the car. I’m in the very back, turned slightly away to look out the window, and trying to focus on my work, so I just try to ignore him, as does everyone else in the car.)

Man: “Hey! Hey, you! I like your necklace!”

(I have some beading on my shirt, but I’m not wearing a necklace, so I don’t even look his way.)

Man: “I SAID, I LIKE YOUR NECKLACE! Jeez, b****! I’m just paying a compliment to the thing around your fat f****** neck!”

(This whiplash of a compliment is hard to ignore, so I glance at him only to see that he’s definitely glaring right at me. I’m a very non-confrontational person, so I just pretend like I didn’t notice, but my face is flushed with anger. Thankfully, another passenger comes to my defence.)

Other Man: “Wow. She takes five seconds to realize that you’re talking to her, when she’s clearly paying attention to something else, and you go from complimenting her to calling her a fat f****** b****? I don’t blame her for ignoring you! And genius, she’s not even wearing a necklace!”

(That set off the loud-mouth, but to my relief, he forgot about me to argue with the other passenger instead. I made sure to quietly thank my defender before I reached my stop. Just wish I had the guts to stand up for myself. People like that are why I’m shy.)

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