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Stick It To ‘Em!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: itssmeestephh | July 5, 2022

I have worked in customer service for over six years, and what I’ve never lost is my sense of humor. You deal with the most outspoken people in life. More than most I’ll dare to protest because they really get their panties in a twist when something doesn’t go right. But humor saves me every time; even if the customer doesn’t laugh, it was still great for me. 

One time, an older gentleman gave me a quarter for a tip. I’m not saying you HAVE to tip generously, but anything under $2 is still a slap to the face. It really makes you feel so low as a person and makes you question everything you did. It sucks, to say the least.

Gentleman: “Now don’t go spending it all in one place!”

His wife looks horrified at her husband’s remark. I’m a cocky kid with no feelings to care about, so I snap back.

Me: “Oh, yes, that gumball machine looks real great!”

I ended with a wink and walked away with a “Have a great day.”

I came back to the table later, and there were five dollars and a quarter left on it. I’ve always assumed it was the wife that left it, but it could have very well been the man. I’ll never know.

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